We have taken part in many architecture contests, both in Uruguay and abroad. We have won six prizes and many mentions, five of which have been built up later on.


2018-Arquitectura y Diseño Magazine, 127 edition, RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS, SOCIAL HOUSING

2017- Arquitectura y Diseño Magazine, 120 edition, Buildings and Towers.

2017- Architects of the Ururugay exhibition, ship terminal, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.

2016- Exhibition at “ARQUITECTOS DEL URUGUAY” Punta del Este Airport.

2016- A&D Journal, special issue

2016- Exhibition at “ARQUITECTOS DEL URUGUAY”, House of Art and Design, Montevideo

2015- Bidding for preliminary projects for the space of the Ex-Forte di Makale, Parque Rodo, Montevideo. Winning preliminary project.

2015- Exhibition at “LATIN AMERICA ACHITECTURE”, Museum of Modern Art, (MOMA) New York.

2015- Exhibition at “ARQUITECTOS DEL URUGUAY”, Carrasco International Airport.

2015- A&D Journal, special issue.


We have built 75 housing buildings in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, 250.000m2 built. Our latest works::

-NOSTRUM 18. 164 housing units, 15.300 m2 to be built. Location: 18 de Julio corner Tacuarembó, Montevideo. Status: ongoing.

-ALTOS DEL LIBERTADOR. 259 housing units, 23.246 m2 to be built. Location: Martin Garcia 1626, Goes, Montevideo. Status: ongoing.

-RONCHAMP. 85 housing units, 7.067 m2 to be built. Location: Avda Brasil 2698, Cavia 2729 Pocitos, Montevideo. Status: ongoing.

-DOT. 24 Housing Units, 1.500m2 to be built. Location: Ros 1774, Punta Carretas, Montevideo. Status: ongoing.

-NUEVOS VIENTOS, 52 housing units, 3983 m2 built up. Location: Marco Bruto 1332, Pocitos, Montevideo

-NUEVOS VIENTOS GOLF. 33 housing units, 2006 m2. Ramón Fernández 230, Punta Carretas, Montevideo.

-VALDEMOSA, 37 housing units, 2730 m2 built up. Location Ellauri 711, Pocitos, Montevideo

-AUGUSTO, 23 housing units, 6300 m2 built up. Location: Rambla Gandhi 279, Punta Carretas, Montevideo

-PORTO ESMERALDA, 12 housing units, 5950 m2 built up, Rambla Gandhi 171, Punta Carretas, Montevideo.

-PORTOMARE, 12 housing units, 5400 m2 built up. Location: Rambla Gandhi 221, Punta Carretas, Montevideo.

-BIARRITZ DEL MAR, 23 housing units, 3280 m2 built up. Location: Teru 527, Villa Biarritz, Montevideo

-LEYENDA DEL MAR, 11 housing units, 2800m2 built up. Location: Leyenda Patria 3088, Villa Biarritz, Montevideo.

-TOPAZ ZEPHIR, 9 housing units, 2520 m2 built up. Location: Avda Brasil 3016, Pocitos, Montevideo.

-MIRAGE, 10 housing units, 3.000 m2 built up. Location: Rambla Republica del Peru 975, Villa Biarritz, Montevideo.

-MARBELLA, 18 housing units, 4130 m2 built up. Location: Avda. Brasil 3058, Pocitos, Montevideo.

-ASPEN, 18 housing units, 950 m2 built up. Location: Pedro Berro 875, Pocitos, Montevideo.

-CASTELMARE, 11 housing units, 2.900 m2 built up. Location: Rambla Gandhi 585, Villa Biarritz, Montevideo.

-CLUB AZUL, Private Country of 34 houses, 3.200 m2 built up. Location: Punta Ballena, Maldonado.


– Banco Real Uruguay, Montevideo headquarters
– Branches of Banco Real in different zones of Montevideo: Ciudad Vieja, Union, Cordón, 8 de Octubre, Aguada, Paso Molino, and also in other cities of Uruguay such as: Punta del Este, Salto, Paysandú and Rivera
– Real Uruguay de Seguros in Montevideo
– Discount Bank, Montevideo HQ
–Hapoalim Latinoamericana branches in Montevideo and Punta del Este
– Banco Ámerica , Head Office
– Banco de Londres, several branches
– SMART OFFICE* 1500m2 of flexible offices , “plug in” type, at Palacio Salvo building, historical heritage of, Montevideo, Uruguay
-Banco Panamericano
– Trade Development
– Banco de la Nación Argentina in Punta del Este
– ABN Amro Bank, Montevideo Headquarters
– LA CUMPARSITA. Mixed destinations: recreational and gastronomy areas, offices and parking, 6527 m2. Ituzaingó 1282, Brecha 577, Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo.


ALTOS DEL LIBERTADOR: recycling of the former Alpargatas factory as housing units with 38.000m2.

-NOSTRUM 18-15.300 m2 to be built. Location: 18 de Julio corner Tacuarembó, Montevideo. Ongoing.

-BARRIO B9, Maldonado, 160 housing units, 25.600 m2 built up.

-COOPERATIVA BARRIO ZABALA, 52 housing units, 4.000 m2 built up. Location: Hipolito Irigoyen, Montevideo.

-COOPERATIVA TIMON, 34 housing units, 3.000 m2 built up. Location: P. Cosio 3590, Montevideo.

-EDIFICIO QUIJANO. 69 housing units, 5318 m2. Carlos Quijano 1168, Montevideo.

-EDIMBORO QUIROGA. 39 housing units, 3045 m2. Aquiles Lanza 1167-1169, Montevideo.

-TORRE OLIVA. 56 housing units, 4025 m2. Ana Monterroso de Lavalleja esq. Salterain, Montevideo.

-EDIMBORO ZORRILLA. 10 housing units, 750 m2. Wilson Ferreira Aldunate 1151 – Maldonado 949, Montevideo.

-EDIFICIO RODÓ. 70 housing units, 5461 m2. José Enrique Rodó 2215-2219, Montevideo.


– CERSA (in Argentina)
– Gunter Shaaf


– K.P.M.G. in Uruguay, headquarters
– Wholesale Supermarket in San Martín, Montevideo
– Wholesale Supermarket in Canelones
– Wholesale Supermarket in Paso de la Arena, Montevideo
– IDB, Montevideo headquarters
– LATU, Agraciada branch
– Synagogue NCI
– Israelite Community
– Club Alemán (master plan)
– Retirement home (German social work)
– CIMAE laboratories
– Servicio Medico Integral
– Casa Simón
– Casa Pablo Ferrando
– SPA L´occitane, Bahia, Comandatuba island, Brazil


– Montevideo Shopping: FOREVER 21, LA MOSTAZA, DON PEPERONE, and 5 clothing shops.
– Montevideo Portones Shopping: LA MOSTAZA, 8 clothing shops.
– Montevideo Punta Carretas Shopping: 3 clothing shops.
– Montevideo Terminal Shopping Tres Cruces: LA MOSTAZA y 3 commercial premises.
– San Pablo: Restaurant “La Table” Shopping Morumbí
– San Pablo: Restaurant “La Table” rua Bela Cintra
– San Pablo: Restaurant Habanero, Santana
– San Pablo: Loja Parmalat, Shopping Higienopolis
– San Pablo: Loja Parmalat, Shopping Paulista
– San Pablo: Del Sur Brokers, Faria Lima


We have built 58 private residences, totaling 16.600m2.