This Architectural Firm was established in 1958 by Architects Leonardo TUROVLIN and Milton PINTO, and has been steadily evolving. Currently, the Firm is conducted by architects Alan TUROVLIN and Conrado BASIGALUZ.

Nowadays, the Firm’s main activities have been focused in many projects gathering broad professional experience and expertise at business and project management, professional services in architecture and design, and the direction, administration and advising thereof.

It has carried out works at Housing Buildings where over 75 buildings have been erected in Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, in amount more than 250.000 m2 built. Additionally, they have constructed 80.000 m2 of Social Housing, 16.600 m2 within 56 residences, as well as Industrial and Banking buildings and Commercial Designs for important local and international companies.

“…more than 250.000 m2 built…”

We believe that design quality, spatial quality, innovation, professional optimization –among others- are concepts that must be permanently employed during the daily activities of the Firm, trying to get the architectonical design becoming an essential tool to improve the quality of life and the creation of value for the project to be carried out.

“Our challenge is to generate stimulating and surprising spaces, to induce experiences maximizing results for our partners and clients.”